Online privacy and security is an over growing concern and lack of it can create a very negative user experience. Curtain is a conceptual project aiming to create a more safe space and a sense of assurance around the web.

This project focuses on how technology has reshaped our perception of privacy. Many apps and websites require an endless amount of personal information which in turn can be sold to data-banks without the user’s approval and immediate consent.

Curtain will be providing a secure pathway for users to keep track of their online footprint. This app can hold all your personal information such as home address, phone number, date of birth, legal name, and etc., in one place where they can be edited, removed and conscientiously shared with other services when needed.

To highlight the simple, yet essential function of Curtain, the brand identity captures an everyday object used for real life privacy. How is online privacy any different?

Please explore the app by using the prototype below and also don’t forget to watch the videos.

Curtain was the winner of Designer-Driven RGD Social Good Design Award (2015).


Curtain Prototype

Quartz Composer, Origami